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Conservation / Habitat Restoration for Maui

Flyin Hawaiian Zipline was, first and foremost, built on the idea of conservation. We wanted to provide a fun way to protect and preserve our natural treasures while educating guests about our non-invasive, eco-friendly approach. A zipline/ canopy tour enabled us to achieve these goals, along with having the lightest environmental footprint possible.

Many of Hawaii's greatest offerings are critically endangered. Open spaces are threatened by the lure of development, and many of the state's endemic flowers and plants are being overtaken by invasive alien species, which is why each tour takes time to water the native plants to ensure their survival as we reintroduce it back into the West Maui environment. Our hope is that by bringing awareness, education, and excitement to conservation, we will be able to create a truly sustainable system that will provide betterment for Maui and our future generations.

We combine eco, agriculture, and education tourism into one solid package providing a sustainable model that will enrich Maui for many years to come. As the leader in sustainable tourism on Maui, we hope that our model will be imitated and help shape the future of this beautiful island.


Construction done without heavy machinery,
leaving lightest footprint possible

Removal of non-native invasive species

Native Hawaiian plant reforestation

Aluminum water bottles provided

Touring the land without ever touching it

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